RatLite protects your engine wires from pesky rodents and prevents this from happening under the hood of your car.

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I'Without Ratlite™, this is how the nightmare begins -

IWatch for debris flying out when the engine is started, and think about the $850 repair bill, five hours later.

IAnd this is how the rat got to the engine compartment.


Rats and mice generally "like" different parts of the engine compartment. Mice can be found anywhere, but if they have to "share" with rats they tend to favor lower areas, such as under-body protective shields.


Rats "like" the upper engine compartment, especially around the battery, the air ventilation ducts and air filter housings.  They also have access to the internal dashboard areas, including glove compartments once they have chewed through bulkhead thermal insulation.  The most damaging problems are caused by chewing on wiring, and its insulation.  This can cause short circuits and malfunction of the entire electrical system in extreme cases.


Most '"visits" to the engine compartments occur at night because mice and rats avoid lighted areas where predators like cats could easily spot them.  One of the RatLite inventors discovered that a  surprisingly low light level is effective in keeping rats out of the engine compartment.  Once their eyes have become dark-adapted they are extremely sensitive. Humans also have extremely sensitive "night vision" after adapting to the dark. We really hate if a bright light is switched on in the middle of the night.


Humans and rodents are both sensitive to green light.  However, there is one major difference between human and rodent vision.  Rats and mice can see ultraviolet (UV) light that is nearly completely invisible to humans. The UV light looks nearly as bright to rodents as the green light. That is why RatLite™ has both green and UV light emitting diodes (LEDs). 


To make the battery life last longer (40,000 hours) and to improve the effectiveness, the LEDs were designed to flash.  The flashing gets the attention of the rodents and probably annoys them more than a constant glow of light.  We know it does for us; like strobe lights.

The advanced technology in RatLite™ is covered by US and Foreign patent applications.

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